Hearts & Courage and the Etsy Up Conference August 11 - 12, 2016 NYC

March 25, 2017 1 Comment

Hearts & Courage and the Etsy Up Conference August 11 - 12, 2016 NYC

I attended the Etsy Up Conference on August 11th & 12th in NYC last week. I thought I'd share what stuck with me, as well as what I know to be true.

Courage and Hearts are interconnected… the two words that have guided me through so much of my life, and has also kept me whole. 
I had registered for the two-day “Etsy-Up” Conference in NYC with the intention of uncovering trade secrets for my new business to thrive. Thursday comes and I arrive on-time, with my type A-ish personality, briefcase, zippered portfolio, iPad, and old school paper & pens in tow. I was so excited for key-note speakers, classes and lectures that I had pre-registered for, all with the hopes of gathering the recipes to perfect my branding, social media marketing, tagging, “Googling” and choosing the correct SEO keywords to market my passion. 
Where do the words Courage and Hearts come into play?  

Courage which equates to strength and wisdom that I continually try to find within myself. Courage to be everything to everyone and many times, leaving myself last. Having the courage to know what should be, just by a feeling in my gut. I've worn the same necklace, handmade by my favorite artist, Jes Maharry, every day for years. With a courageous lion on the front and a simple but strong inscription on the back "have courage", I wear this necklace as my Talisman.

Heart… the vital organ that keeps us alive; it’s our soul; the shape of the heart and it's representation of love; objects that appear to be randomly heart-shaped such as a cloud, a puddle or a leaf. 

Within the first half hour of my two-day course, I learned that the etymology of the word courage is rooted from the 12th Century French (corage)… the root of the word courage is “cor” which also happens to be the Latin word for heart.

If only I had a dollar for every time the word courage was used throughout the two-day conference... 

The conference was wonderful for so many reasons, including making new friends, many of which were there with the same intentions as me... But my take-away from each and every key-note speaker and class is that the true key to success is letting your courage and passion shine through. And while choosing the correct SEO’s, tags and social media apps might be a constant struggle, the courage and passion part comes easy~ which for me, is the biggest gift and blessing as I realize that in my own heart, I have never nor will I ever waver as to who I truly am.

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August 17, 2016

Well, I’ve learned something too, but not about you. I always knew you had these wonderful qualities, but never knew that connection. So happy to see you following your passion, and look at what you’ve done with it!!!

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