I Was Not a Believer; Until I Became One

March 25, 2017

I Was Not a Believer; Until I Became One

~ a blog entry written by my sister, Kim ❤️

I Was Not a Believer; Until I Became One

For years, I believed in the power of hearts. The reason being was that your home is where your heart is. When my daughter was very young, and we had to travel or use daycare, the last thing we always said to her was, “Where’s Mommy?” To which my beautiful child would respond, “In my heart.”

In June 2015, I fell 22 feet and shattered both my wrists in over 20 pieces. Whatever you believe, God, Higher Power, Nature, Community, Family, all of them were looking out for me that day. I was fortunate. Crushing my wrists was my only injury. Because I was double-casted, I had to have multiple family members take care of me. And yes, as much as you can imagine the humiliation I endured without the use of both my hands, it took place. Trust me when I say, I am much too young in life to have others take care of my bathroom and shower needs.

I visited my sister that July 4th weekend, and my right knee suddenly began to hurt where I could barely walk on it. I am a very stubborn woman and didn’t want to try anything to help me feel better. I am a big believer that medication from a prescription bottle is always the best way to go.

So my wonderful sister cajoled and took charge and convinced me to just try something else. Who was I to argue? She took great care (as only the truly nurturing can do) and began to rub the oil on my knee. Within 20 minutes, the pain was gone and so was my skepticism in the power of good mojo. I can never truly explain the a-ha moment I had that day. But I now know that there is something more than what you can get at the drugstore

I am honored that she named this product after me, “KimBa”. I use it on aches and pains and especially migraines.

Having had migraines since I was 21 (back in the olde tyme days), I know what it’s like when you’re suffering from a migraine, and the only relief you think you will get is to take a hatchet to your head and cleave it open. Fortunately, the KimBa and, also, Peppermint Oil will help you get over the hump. It’s not a cure-all. BUT, you will no longer lay in bed for days on end, wishing for the ends of days.

My sister and I have taken different covered bridges in life, which is not to say one is better than the other. I have always respected her for the path that she has taken. Thanks to her passion and my “seeing is believing” in good mojo have finally led me to the place I am today. I always try to take away something from the experiences I have. Good Mojo, really the kind that makes you sing inside, is that knowing you will benefit from someone’s knowledge above a person’s stubbornness. As she has said many times, “Your heart and your head in agreement with each other doesn't happen very often, at least not to my knowledge.” I can tell you when it does happen, it is a karmic experience.

~Kimberly Carleton Harris


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