Sunday Night Thoughts & an Excerpt from our "Us" Page

March 25, 2017

Sunday Night Thoughts & an Excerpt from our "Us" Page

Everything in life truly is circular.  Karma is not good or bad... Karma is Karma. You get what you give and you give what you get. Love and be loved. Negativity attracts negativity.   A smile feels good whether you're the giver or the receiver. Some of the best things in life aren't things. True love is pure and beautiful and unconditional- yet  can hurt more than any physical pain ever endured.  True love comes from your soul... your entire being.  Love is beautiful.   I believe all people have love in their hearts but some are afraid to show, give or receive it. Hate is uncomfortable and ugly and unfamiliar.  Radical anything is too much. Stone throwing usually comes from projection. Finding balance is a constant struggle. 
Intuition isn't hard, it's instinctive.  Listen to your gut as it will never fail you. Your heart and your head in agreement with each other doesn't happen to often.
Good Mojo is just good and it's real and it's pure- I guess somewhat liken to love.

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