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Chakra stones are healing crystals that have a particular vibration and color. Although most stones of a specific color will be the stone for healing a particular chakra, some stones may be used to heal more than one chakra.

There are many stones for each chakra, and different crystals may be particularly powerful to aid you to improve in a variety of ways. There is a broad range of healing attributes that pertain to various stones and the things that they are known to remedy.

Although certain colors are commonly thought to heal individual chakras, some stones do not fit the pattern. Clear crystals, black, brown and various mixed color crystals have a healing effect on a few different chakras.

Chakras from the heart up are very closely associated with the spiritual area within the etheric body and may be healed by high vibration stones.

These stones that have high vibration with powerful crystal energy are powerful for making dramatic changes in those chakras. Other stones that heal more than one chakras are those with flecks through them such as agates.The lower chakras such as the base chakra and the earth star chakra, which is below the feet, respond to the black and brown crystals. These darker crystals have a stronger spiritual grounding action. Often stones of a particular color that are a mixture of the two chakra colors will heal both of the chakras.

Light yellow-green stones and crystals are good examples, as they heal both the solar plexus chakra, because of the yellow tones in the stones and the heart chakra, because of the green shades.

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