Packaging created from old photos ~ Repurposed to be Reused

 A Selenite Sphere on a windowsill ~ reminds me of the Moon 
We skip the tape and use our tiny, one inch square photo stickers instead.

Some of our Hang-Tags, Threaded with Naturally Dyed Hemp Cord

happy and colorful hang-tags 

~ .925 Sterling Silver wrapped Prehnite hangs from the BeardRight

And if they had the words I could tell to you To help you on your way down the road I couldn't quote you no Dickens, Shelley or Keats 'Cause it's all been said before Make the best out of the bad, just laugh it off You didn't have to come here anyway, so remember Every picture tells a story don't it? ~Rod Stewart & Ron Wood

Every picture tells a story.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Years of photos, both digital and old school hard copies are a big part of So Good Mojo Co. Whether you're navigating our website or unpacking an order you just received, you'll find our images in many forms.  Photos dating back 25 years to the present, taken in obvious places that you may recognize in New York City and others from obscure locations from United Kingdom. These images are not from professional photo-shoots... just years of memories repurposed for others to enjoy.

When opening your So Good Mojo Co. package, you'll see stickers, both big and small, round, square or rectangular which were created from an actual photos. They have been created to be reusable... peel it off and stick it on a mirror or computer monitor.  They're fun, colorful and every one tells a story. Our hang-tags, also created from our photos, make great bookmarks, with or without the naturally dyed hemp cording.

All items listed state what's included in the price... but don't be surprised to find an extra little package as it's our gift to you. We love doing it just as much as you'll love receiving it! Who doesn't like a surprise gift?

Fun Extras

All products from our Essential Oil line include a .925 sterling silver wire wrapped semi-precious stone which is secured with hemp cording. Leave the stone on the hemp and wear as a bracelet or hang it in a window; take the stone off the hemp and string on a necklace you already own; take the stone off of the hemp and carry it as a Talisman for good luck; take the stone off the hemp and give to someone you love, just because you love them.