Large Clear Optical Calcite


Large Clear Optical Calcite | Iceland Spar | Rainbow Calcite | Optical Calcite | Crystal Prism | Refracting Crystal | Reiki | Healing Crystal

This listing is for one (1) Large, Clear Calcite a.k.a. Iceland Spar. Very clear piece clear, and riddled with rainbows.åÊ

Weight: 3.8oz /110g
Dimensions: 38.1mm x 38.1mm x 38.1mm

Please note that the weight is precise but due to the irregular shape of the crystal, measurements are as close to accurate as possible.

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An interesting story about Optical Calcite and the Vikings...

From the Live Science Website (see link below for more info)... Before the invention of the magnetic compass, navigating with a sundial would have been difficult, particularly on overcast days. Ancient Viking lore suggests that they had a magical tool to find the sun, even when the star was hidden.

Researchers have now discovered the crystal that would have made such a magical apparatus possible. The Vikings could have used a common calcite crystal, called an Icelandic spar, to find the sun in the high latitudes where they would have had to battle long twilights and cloudy skies to navigate. This special "sunstone" could find the direction of the sun even when it was out of view because it plays a trick with the light.

"The Vikings could have discovered this, simply by choosing a transparent crystal and looking through it through a small hole in a screen," study researcher Guy Ropars wrote in an email to LiveScience. "The understanding of the complete mechanism and the knowledge of the polarization of light is not necessary."

See more info from Live Science at:

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