Rose Quartz Mini Heart

Mini Rose Quartz Hearts, perfectly sized for your pocket ~ Our little Rose Quartz Hearts range in color and shape but are all equally beautiful... and quite adorable! Each heart has so much character... beautiful color, puffy little a little pillow, different shades of pink, semi-transparent to almost opaque. Although each heart is unique, they are similar in size and weight. Some may be a bit wider but "puffier" in size. Unless you note specify, please let us select one for you ~ which is sometimes the best as it was meant for you!

Dimensions (Approximate)
Weight Range: .8oz/22.67gm to 1 oz./30gm
Width: 1.3 in./3.30cm to 1.5 in./3.81 cm to (widest part across heart)
Depth: 1.1 in./2.79cm to 1.3 in./3.30cm (center of heart from bottom point up)
Height: .75in/1.90cm ( average as the height varies because this piece is "puffy")
Origin: Brazil

Your heart will arrive in our custom packaging which includes the following:

‰?¤ Your crystal will be safely wrapped in a green bubble wrap which is not only recycled but also recyclable;
‰?¤ Your wrapped crystal is placed in a hand-stamped drawstring muslin bag with colorful SGMC tag which hangs from naturally dyed hemp cording;
‰?¤ Your bag is then secured in a professionally designed presentation box which is beautiful enough to gift in, yet sturdy enough to ship in;
‰?¤ We include gift wrapping free of charge. If you would like your item wrapped for a particular event (e.g., a wedding), please mention in the "notes" section during the checkout process

Due to the irregular shape of this piece, dimensions are approximate; however, the weight is precise.

If we are currently sold out, have no fear as we restock frequently. Please notify us if you would like to be included in our customer profiles.

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The Shape: Heart

Some people love heart-shaped stones and crystals simply because they are shaped like hearts. Others believe heart-shaped stones have a tendency to emit loving vibes in combination with the properties of the particular mineral/crystal of which they are formed. The Heart-Shaped rock or crystal is a symbol of love and is often exchanged as a gift of affection and love. Heart-shaped crystals are known to attract loving energy, as well as energies that can help those with negative emotions. A Heart-Shaped rock or crystal is one of the most common carved forms for rocks and gemstones.

The Mojo:

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is one of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, as it opens that heart to all types of love‰ÛÓlove of the self, love of family, love of friends and romantic love. The soothing energy of Rose Quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others, lowering stress and tension of the heart. It can leave anger, jealousy, and resentment towards others, allowing the healing of heart issues caused by holding onto these negative emotions.

Rose Quartz is associated with the 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra).

So Good Mojo Co. Item No. 953

Disclaimer: Please note that all crystal healing, metaphysical definitions, and folklore noted in our listings are stated as a means of education and do not imply a guaranteed effect. Anyone who believes they are suffering from an illness should consult with their physician. The practice of "Crystal Healing" is complementary to standard healthcare procedures/practices.

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