Septarian Druzy Heart Shaped Geode 310g

Medium sized Septarian Druzy Heart Shaped Geode (also referred to as Dragon Stone). Dark and very rich in color and sprinkled with sparkling bright Druzy.åÊ

Weight: 11 oz / 310 gm.
Width: 3.25 in./8.25 cm (widest part of the heart)
Depth: 3.2 in.8.12 cm
Height: 1.4 in./3.55 cm
Origin: Madagascar

As this is an odd shaped piece, dimensions are approximate, however, the weight is precise.

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The Shape: Heart

Some people love heart-shaped stones and crystals simply because they're shaped like hearts. Others believe heart-shaped stones have a tendency to emit loving vibes in combination with the properties of the particular mineral/crystal of which they are formed. The Heart-Shaped rock or crystal is a symbol of love and is often exchanged as a gift of affection and love. Heart-shaped crystals are known to attract loving energy, as well as energies that can help those with negative emotions. A Heart-Shaped rock or crystal is one of the most common carved forms for rocks and gemstones.

The Mojo:

Septarian is a comprised of many minerals including yellow calcite, limestone, and red/brown aragonite. The name Septarian originates from the Latin word "septem", meaning seven, as it seems to form in patterns of seven. A very good healing stone as it can be uplifting, as well as being an excellent stone for removing stress and anxiety. It's also a very calming stone for meditation as it solid wood energy into the room or one's life. Septarian is commonly referred to as "Dragon Stone".

Septarian/Dragon Stone is associated with the Throat, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Root/Base Chakras.

Please note that much of this information is taken from Crystal Vaults... please visit them for more information

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Disclaimer: Please note that all crystal healing, metaphysical definitions, and folklore noted in our listings are stated as a means of education and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Anyone who believes they are suffering from an illness should consult with their physician. The practice of "Crystal Healing" is a holistic complementary healthcare practice.

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